Solidarity in Action Placements 

You have the skills to provide an important contribution to a local project partner (Peruvian organization, institution, or community). We understand the skills of our volunteers, and we recognize the needs that exist locally. This understanding allows us to provide volunteers with the opportunity to provide a meaningful contribution. We connect you to a placement, which allows you to utilize your skills to provide support to the local project partner. If you are looking to provide meaningful volunteering and to make use of your skills, we have a placement for you!

Meaningful Volunteering

During a volunteer experience you want to know that your presence is necessary, and that you are making a difference, and that you are providing meaningful support to the local partner. Local partners have unique needs, which vary in complexity, and as a result the type of skills that are needed to support the needs differ. Local partners benefit from volunteers who provide value As an individual volunteer you are looking to be able to provide the assistance that the local partner requires. We work alongside our participants and our local partners to help the volunteers to utilize their skills to provide
meaningful support to the partner.

Solidarity in Action allows you to provide effective support to the local partners. Bring your passion, ideas, and a strong work ethic, and Solidarity in Action and our local partners will work and support you and help you to provide a meaningful contribution. We partner with local organizations, and communities, who work every day to improve their institution or community. You will have the opportunity to work alongside these amazing partners to assist them with their worthwhile projects and programs.

Your Role

As a participant you are encouraged to prepare for your placement, by learning about Peru, and the local project partner. While in Peru, you will be asked to support the project identified by the partner. We encourage you to bring your ideas to Peru to incorporate them within your placement. Possible placement roles include: program assistant, ESL teacher, program developer, and health promotion campaign designer.



We have found that participants who remain at one placement for the duration of volunteer experience, develop stronger relationship with the local partner and community, and provide greater support to the local partner. However, we understand that you could be interested in experiencing different volunteer placements. We have developed a program which will provide you with the opportunity to volunteer at one placement for the duration of your volunteer experience, or to experience multiple placements.


Prior to traveling, you will be asked to select two to three preferred placements. You will be assigned to a primary and secondary placement. You will volunteer within primary placement during the majority of your time in Peru. You may also be given the opportunity to volunteer at your secondary placement. It is very important for us that you have a successful experience within your volunteer placement. We will help you to prepare for your placement leading up to departure day and while you are in Peru. Although we try to provide each participant with the opportunity to volunteer in one of his or her preferred placement options, due to the demand and the need of the local partner it may not always be possible. We ask that each participant demonstrates flexibility throughout the placement experience.



Once you have been assigned a placement, we encourage you to prepare for your placement. Through pre-departure meetings, we will try to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about and to prepare for your placement.

*Due to the volunteer work being different from what you are used to, it is not uncommon for you to not feel completely prepared for your placement. Once you have arrived in Peru, you will gain a clearer understanding of your placement and you should be able to answer any remaining questions.

Other details to know about a Solidarity in Action placement:

  • Interpreters may be available at each placement.
  • You will never be left alone; you will always be working alongside another volunteer, or a Solidarity in Action staff member.
  • Transportation is provided to and from each placement.
  • Pre-planning is done with group members prior to placement, both prior to travel and during your program.