Project Partners

Project Partners Defined

Solidarity in Action project partners are organizations, or communities that Solidarity in Action supports in Peru. Project partners welcome volunteers into their organization and provide them with support to be successful. Partners could include schools, local communities, NGO’s and other institutions. Solidarity in Action selects project partners, who provide sustainable support to the local community in the areas of education, health, and infrastructure development.

Solidarity in Action’s 2014 Partners

Tupac Amaru II: Public elementary and secondary school in Chorrillos, Lima. Solidarity in Action developed a health promotion campaign, and led after-school ESL classes.

Cristo Rey School: Semi-private elementary and secondary school located in the district of Chorrillos, Lima. Solidarity in Action offered a one week conversations-based ESL program.

Inmaculado High School: Private secondary school located in the district of Barranco, Lima. Solidarity in Action led ESL activities alongside a classroom teacher.

Hijos de 28 de Julio: Is a community located on the outskirts of Lima. The community is up made of 50 families. Solidarity in Action offered the Youth in Action afterschool program for children and youth.

Esperanza de los Ninos: Esperanza de los Ninos is a daycare and afterschool program for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old. Solidarity in Action participants volunteered alongside the students, and provided teaching strategies and support to the owners of the daycare.

Laura Alva Saldana: A public school for children with exceptionalities located in the district of Barranco, Lima. Solidarity in Action volunteers operated as teacher assistants, and worked with speech therapists to  improve the teaching strategies for non-verbal students.

Solidaritas Peru: A Peruvian NGO providing support in education, social development, and the environment. Solidarity in Action volunteers developed a physical education workshop for elementary-aged school children.