Infrastructural Development

Solidarity in Action volunteers help the project partners make important infrastructural developments. Volunteers work alongside the local partner or community for each infrastructure project. Solidarity in Action does not offer infrastructural development placements every program.

Solidarity in Action participants were not involved in infrastructural development projects in 2014.

Previous 2013 placement positions:

  • Construction support –  Mixing cement, building, painting, etc.
  • Infrastructural needs assessments – Conducting surveys, house visits, and collecting data


In 2013, Solidarity in Action completed the third and final classroom of the Pacifico de Villa school renovation project. Solidarity in Action volunteers helped to demolish the old classroom structure, and laid the foundation for the new classroom. The volunteers received direction from the local foreman, and members of the local community. Volunteers assisted with demolition, mixing cement, moving the building materials (cement, sand, etc.), and cement pouring. The building experience allowed participants to interact with the local community and discovered that it is not necessary for two people to speak the same language in order to have a conversation, and to build a friendship.

The project placements for the 2015 programs will be finalized at a later date.