Solidarity in Action project partners provide community members and residents with education opportunities that they would not otherwise have. We provide English language programs, after school education programs, and support within daycare programs. 

Previous placement positions:

  • Program developer and program assistant– Youth in Action (Hijos de 28 de Julio)
  • Classroom assistant for children with physical and mental exceptionalities (Laura Alva Saldana)
  • Daycare staff trainer and support volunteer (Esperanza de los Ninos)
  • ESL instructor and assistant (Colegio Tupac Amaru II, Inmaculado High School & Cristo Rey)
  • Program designer and evaluator- Meaningful Physical Education (Solidaritas Peru)
  • Professional development support – Communication strategies for non-verbal students (Laura Alva Saldana)



Tupac Amaru II is a public high school for students aged 12 to 17 years old. The students begin receiving English classes in grade seven, but receive only 80 minutes of English per week. Solidarity in Action provided the school with an afterschool English class, which ran Monday to Friday (May and July) and three days a week during June and August. The program began May 5th and ran until August 12th. Solidarity in Action volunteers, including experienced ESL teachers, developed the curriculum and led classroom activities and instruction.


Laura Alva Saldana is a school for children and youth with exceptionalities located in Barranco. The school includes, rehabilitation therapy and physical and multisensory classrooms, and it is equipped with a team of psychologists, social assistants, speech therapists, and occupational therapists. The school receives children as young as a few months old up to young adults, 18 years old. The 2014 year marked the third year that SIA participants have volunteered at the school.  The participants worked alongside the children, assisting them with the daily classroom activities. In addition, Ontario teachers, who were experienced special education teachers, working with children with autism spectrum disorder, provided non-verbal communication strategies, worked alongside two speech therapists from the school, to brainstormed ways to interact with children with severe exceptionalities.

PROGRAM ASSISTANT Youth in Action (Hijos de 28 de Julio)

The Youth in Action program is a community-based after school program, which takes place in the community of Hijos de 28 de Julio, Villa Maria del Triunfo. As a program assistant, Solidarity in Action volunteers assisted the Youth in Action staff members, with leading outdoor activities, and other values based activities. The volunteer’s roles included, developing daily lesson plans, on topics such as self esteem, teamwork, community, Peruvian history, geography, and respect, and leading the program activities.  Program assistants utilized non-verbal communication strategies and received support from a local interpreter when translation was necessary.

DAYCARE STAFF SUPPORTEsperanza de los Ninos

Esperanza de los Ninos is a daycare program, which operates in the community of Pacifico de Villa, Chorrillos. The program which recently started by Liliana Bernal and Julia Guillen (March 2014), former staff members of the Solidarity in Action daycare pilot project.  Solidarity in Action participants, trained in early childhood education provided pedagogy support, and offered strategies to Liliana and Julia. As staff support, the participants created arts and crafts activities, and led outdoor activities, and discussed daycare operations with Liliana and Julia. The discussions included student behaviour, and the formalization process of the newly opened daycare. In the role of staff support, participants were given the opportunity to interact directly with the children, while gaining insight into the operations of a Peruvian daycare.


Solidaritas Peru is a Peruvian NGO (non-government organization), providing support in education and social development, which operates in the district of Chorrillos. As program designers, a group of eleven Solidarity in Action participants from Western University, partnered with members of Solidaritas Peru organization to create and run a physical education workshop for elementary students. The volunteers conducted the workshop for three schools and more than 200 students. In addition, the students provided a workshop rationale, and a list of activities to be used within the program, and developed a program curriculum to be used for future use. Volunteers were given the unique opportunity to develop a program according to a local partner’s need (to offer meaningful physical education for elementary students). Participants utilized curriculum design skills and assessment skills.

The project placements for the 2015 programs will be finalized at a later date.