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Globally-minded citizens leading sustainable local change, internationally, to enrich lives, by developing relationships and meeting education, health and infrastructure needs.

Our Story

SIA Story

Following a volunteer experience in Peru, brothers Angus and Larry Shuttleworth were left wondering at what could have been. Volunteering in a low-income community, Angus and Larry wanted to provide as much support as they could to the community. However, they felt that they were not being given the opportunity to provide the support that they could.

The brothers soon realized that this was not a unique problem, and that there were many other volunteers who wanted to provide a meaningful contribution, but were unable to. In addition, the brothers realized that local communities, and organizations who did receive volunteers who were left feeling unsatisfied. Volunteers were not being given the opportunity to utilize their skills, and volunteers were failing to provide the support that the local partners required.

Angus and Larry recognized a need, and developed an organization that would allow volunteers to contribute their skills, while meeting the needs of the local project partners in Peru. Solidarity in Action was born.

What is Solidarity in Action?

We are an organization that offers a volunteer the opportunity to provide a meaningful impact by applying skills, to meet the need of the local project partner. We recognize that each volunteer can provide important support to the local partner, and we ensure that each individual is given the opportunity to be able to do so.

Why travelers choose Solidarity in Action?

Meaningful volunteering

While other organizations offer individuals the opportunity to volunteer, many volunteers are left feeling unsure about the benefit they have provided, and left wondering whether or not they have been useful, or feeling that their skills have not been utilized. We have developed a program, which allows you to utilize your skills to provide a meaningful contribution to the local partner.

Visit to Machu Picchu

By working alongside local project partners, and communities, and by visiting significant cultural attractions each individual develops a new perspective on Peru.

Support before, during and after the program experience

Travelers select the Solidarity in Action program because of the support that Solidarity in Action provides each participant. While many organizations rely on third party in-country organizations, Solidarity in Action staff will support you before, during and after your experience. You don’t have to worry about being handed over to a third-party organization.

Solidarity in Action’s Principles

Solidarity in Action is guided by three principles, when developing programs, which allow participants to contribute to sustainable and meaningful projects.

  1. Strength of the local community partner: Local community partners do amazing work in Peru, and understand the local reality.

  2. Strength of the volunteer: Solidarity in Action volunteers have many skills and the passion necessary to allow them to provide important support to the local partners.

  3. Working together we can do more: When local partners and volunteers work together they can address complex issues, create opportunities, and empower others.

Solidarity in Action’s Values

We provide care and understanding of each individual and each individual scenario to best help local residents to develop solutions. SIA incorporates four integral values; solidarity, sustainability, autonomy and equity.


Eduardo Galeano describes solidarity, as “horizontal, as respecting the other – learning from the other”. When a person feels that she is valued and when her dignity is reinforced, or restored, she will be more able to contribute to society. A person feels more dignified when she recognizes that she has the ability to contribute to her society or her family, and when she is treated as an equal. Solidarity in Action develops relationships, in which we recognize a person’s dignity, and value, and ensure that each individual acknowledges her ability to be able to contribute to society.


We define sustainability, as being used without being completely used up or destroyed; able to last or continue for future generations. We believe that a project is more likely to be sustainable when the individual, or the community feels responsible for the success of the project. As an organization, we support projects that instill a sense of responsibility within each individual.


We believe that the greatest way to support an individual is through empowerment. We inspire and instill a belief within each individual that he is responsible for his own life. In order to facilitate this development we support projects that are led by the local community, and which instill a sense of autonomy within each individual.


The issues of poverty are complex. No situation of poverty is the same as another. We support projects that treat each individual uniquely, to ensure that she receives the necessary support to become self-sufficient. In practice, we view each individual and situation as unique, and we look to identify solutions to best meet the need.