Pre-departure SolidarityinAction

Pre-Departure Information

There are a number of details that participants should take into account when preparing for a Solidarity in Action experience.

Luggage – each airline has established different baggage allowance. Please review the airline’s baggage policy to determine the number of pieces of luggage you are allowed to bring to Peru.

Passport – you must have an up to date passport – if it is about to expire within 6 months of the travel date it will not be accepted.

Travel insurance – please ensure that you purchase the appropriate travel insurance. Speak with Solidarity in Action’s preferred travel agent, or with a member of Solidarity in Action.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC card) – we recommend that each participant purchase an ISIC card, or let us know if you have one. This card also provides over 40,000 different valuable discounts around the world and is the only internationally accepted proof of student identity.

Immunizations – Solidarity in Action does not enforce immunizations and they are NOT mandatory. However, if you are interested in seeking advice on immunizations or medications to bring you need to consult a travel doctor which is an out of pocket fee not covered by OHIP. We will not be travelling in the jungle (a common question asked by doctors), and often they will prescribe pills for altitude sickness (when travelling to Cusco), and traveler’s diarrhea. You will need a copy of your immunization record, and you need to plan ahead as most shots are required a month before you leave. **Again, immunizations are not mandatory, and not enforced by Solidarity in Action.

Money –

  • Peru’s currency is the Peruvian Nuevo Sol (S/.)
  • USD$1 is worth about 2.80 Peruvian Nuevo Sol, but may fluctuate.
  • It is up to your discretion to decide how much additional cash you would like to bring with you to Peru.
  • You will be responsible for paying for a few meals in Cuzco, there may be opportunities for extra activities which will be additional charges, and there will be lots of souvenir opportunities in Cuzco!
  • You can bring a credit card for cash advances or a debit card if you wish
  • ATMs are available within the airports in Lima and Cuzco, as well as throughout both cities.

Pre-departure meetings – Solidarity in Action arranges between one or two meetings to help participants to prepare for their experience.