Solidarity in Action welcomes you to an experience unlike any experience that you have had before. Interact directly with local community members, learn more about the Peruvian country and culture, and make a meaningful difference.

Whether this is the first time that you are participating in an international volunteer travel program, or if you have participated in an international program before, you are looking for the opportunity to assist, and to learn about the local country. Solidarity in Action offers you the perfect opportunity to have an impact and to gain an  introduction to Peru, its people and its culture. Utilize your skills, by working alongside local project partners and community members.

Solidarity in Action allows you to make a meaningful difference. Whether you are a college or university student, recent graduate, or you are a working professional (education field, healthcare field, etc.), you can volunteer in a community based after school program, develop a health promotion campaign in a public school, or support ESL programs. Bring your passion, ideas, and a strong work ethic, and Solidarity in Action and our local partners will work alongside you to  help you provide a meaningful contribution. We welcome you to Peru, a country and culture with a rich history and amazing contrasts and wonderful people.

Why travel with Solidarity in Action?

  • Traveling alone or with a friend, you will have the fantastic opportunity to engage with like-minded travelers
  • Immerse yourself into the culture.
  • Led by a trained Solidarity in Action leader, who coordinates all program arrangements, accommodation, meals, cultural activities, transportation, evening debriefs, and evening discussions, to allow you to focus on your experience.
  • Solidarity in Action staff, and the project partner will provide support within each project placement. The number of participants per Solidarity in Action program range between 10 to 15, and some programs may have 20 travelers.

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